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Wyoming PBS is a non-commercial, educational and cultural resource dedicated to enriching the lives of Wyoming people through telecommunications and other related services.

Fundamental Priorities

  1. Education
  2. Cultural Enrichment
  3. Citizenship

The Wyoming PBS network provides a television medium which recognizes the state's unique needs, informs, educates and enriches the lives of Wyoming residents, and helps them more fully understand and participate in local, national, and global events that affect their lives. The station seeks to balance the differing needs of its constituencies by providing a service that is open to public input with program offerings and services built around Wyoming's needs and providing communications opportunities which would otherwise be unavailable.

Your membership support ensures that Wyoming PBS continues to fulfill its mission and goals and serve the people of Wyoming well into the future.

WYomingpBS supporters - the evens family


For as little as $5 a month, your ongoing membership will give you all the standard benefits plus exclusive ticket offers.

Give a one-time (annual) donation of $60 or more and receive all of the standard membership benefits for an entire year.


Please mail your donation to WyomingPBS Foundation, 2660 Peck Ave, Riverton, WY 82501. To donate by phone, just call us at 1-877-263-0702.

To be as cost-efficient as possible, we print and send our notices in bulk and so what you receive in your mailbox has been on its way to your home for up to a month. If your renewal and our notice have crossed in the mail, please disregard the notice and accept our apologies.

There are a few reasons why your program guide may not have arrived. It might have been lost in the mail, we may not have your correct address, or your membership may have expired if you waited to renew just before your expiration date. Whatever the reason, please contact Membership Services at 1-877-263-0702, or email to address any concerns regarding your Program Guide deliveries.

View digital versions of our most recent guides.

View WyomingPBS financial information.

WyomingPBS Foundation does not share contact information of our members and corporate partners with any service or other organization for solicitation purposes.

Yes! Contributions to WyomingPBS are tax deductible to the full extent of the law, deducting the fair market value of any thank you gifts received. Acknowledgment letters will be sent following all yearly donations and gifts, shortly after we receive them. Monthly sustaining members will receive a tax acknowledgment letter early every calendar year, prior to tax return deadlines.

Sustaining gifts are ongoing monthly contributions that come directly from your checking account or credit card until you tell us otherwise. It’s the best way to give, and you'll appreciate how easy and convenient it is to keep your support current; you never have to think about it again. The level you choose is entirely up to you, and you can change the amount at any time.

To update your account information, please contact Membership Services at 1-877-263-0702, email,

or complete this form.


You can change or stop your sustaining gift at any time. If a Thank You Gift has been requested, please contact Member Services at 1-877-263-0702 during business hours (Mon -Fri 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM) to do so. We ask for 30 days’ notice before changing your monthly giving. Other restrictions may apply.

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