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A Nation of Laws - A Fair and Impartial Judicial Branch

A Panel Discussion

Thursday, April 15, 7 p.m.

WyomingPBS, with the support of several regional professional legal associations and law schools, will host a panel discussion to provide an overview of the foundation of our judicial system based upon the Rule of Law envisioned in the Declaration Of Independence and adopted in the U. S. Constitution.  


The panel "A Nation of Laws - A Fair and Impartial Judicial Branch" will be conducted via Zoom and live-streamed here on the WyomingPBS YouTube Channel at 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 15. The panel discussion can be viewed at


Participating in the panel from Montana will be The Honorable Donald W. Molloy, United States District Court Judge; The Honorable  Susan Watters, United States District Court Judge and Bob Carlson, past president of the American Bar Association. Participating from Wyoming will be The Honorable Alan B. Johnson, United States District Court Judge; The Honorable Nancy Freudenthal, United States District Court Judge and The Honorable Marilyn Kite, Wyoming Supreme Court Justice (Ret.). The panel will be moderated by Craig Blumenshine, senior public affairs producer from WyomingPBS. Greg Munro, Attorney At Law (Missoula, Montana) and John Vincent, Attorney At Law (Riverton, Wyoming) have provided assistance with the panel’s organization.


With the judicial branch related to many topics in the news including elections, supreme court nominations, criminal trials, and even American’s trust in the judicial system, the goal of the program is to provide a history of the judicial branch from what the framers of the Constitution had in mind to today and how judges depend on our government’s executive branch to enforce court decisions.


“Courts make decisions every day on what happened, and what should be done about it. And, judges have a tremendous responsibility to make sure all parties are treated equally, fairly, and peacefully under the law to determine what outcomes and punishments should be. We hope to provide a more in-depth understanding of the judicial branch, and we have outstanding panelists who will help guide the discussion,” panel moderator Craig Blumenshine said.


There is no charge or requirement to register for the event. Viewers can submit questions to for consideration during the panel discussion.


Event supporters, panelists, and their bios are listed here.